Natural face-lift

by Hisham Fansa

Less swelling

As experts in face-lifts, we have been successfully working with the SMAS-technique for years. With the SMAS-technique, the age-related sagging of the subcutaneous layer is lifted and not just the upper skin layer. Thus, after the operation, the face looks naturally young, fresh and attractive, and not at all artificial. You remain yourself. Your personality remains unchanged and the appearances of age are reduced.

We have also introduced new techniques to significantly reduce swelling after surgery, so you can get back "out and about" more quickly. Already the day after the operation you can wash your hair. A thick bandage, as it was done in the past, is no longer needed. As soon as the stitches are removed (the last about 10 days after surgery), the remaining residual swelling can already be made over. Usually, after 2-3 weeks, little swelling is visible.


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