Lifted breasts without implants

by Hisham Fansa

When the breast sags (we call this ptosis), a breast lift (mastopexy) improves the appearance. Many women desire a breast lift after pregnancy and breastfeeding because the skin has sagged and the breast has lost volume.

Possible asymmetries can also be corrected by mastopexy and an additional reduction in size. At the same time, the areola can be reduced in size and repositioned. This is usually enough to give the breast a good shape again. The new shape of the breast leaves scars around the areola, a vertical scar from the areola downwards and in some cases a scar in the inframammary fold. If the healing is good, these scars are not very visible later.

Only if there is hardly any volume or the asymmetry is too extensive should an implant or later autologous fat (lipofilling) treatment also be considered. The necessary incisions depend on the shape of the breast and the condition of the skin. We will be happy to inform you about this operation, which can be performed on an outpatient basis. On our pages you can see a few details in advance. You are welcome to make an appointment for a consultation in our office.