Facelift - the right way

by Hisham Fansa

Sagging cheeks and jowls - if you look older than you feel and your jaw line is no longer visible, then it's time for a facelift.

No fillers, Botox or threads will help here. As experts in facelifts, we can help. With a facelift, we tighten the subcutaneous tissue and can make the face look fresher again. The tired facial expression disappears. Our long-established technique of tightening the subcutaneous tissue (SMAS/deep plane) leads to natural results without the face and neck looking distorted. Our technique makes you look fresher without artificially changing your appearance. The personality remains.

With our new technique (Short Scar - Deep Plane, SSDP-Lift) we have transferred these advantages to a pure face lift. So if the focus is only on the sagging face and the sagging jaw line but not the neck, then the new procedure is the right one. With short, barely visible incisions on the skin and the tightening of the subcutaneous tissue, the deep plane, the result of the facelift is clear. Here too, the face looks fresh and natural and no longer tired. The swelling is significantly less than with an extensive lift involving the neck. A good facelift lasts 5-10 years, depending on your lifestyle of course, and it helps you to look fresh and natural again.

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