Facelift - more natural than fillers and co

by Hisham Fansa

Age comes in spurts.

The face loses volume, the skin loses its elasticity and the subcutis sags with gravity along the facial muscles. Loss of volume, excess skin and sagging skin are the unmistakable signs. Some may have good connective tissue and therefore the signs of ageing are not noticeable so early, but for others, who may also smoke and like to sunbathe, the signs of ageing are more visible. The subcutaneous tissue sags downwards from the midface and cheeks, at the chin line the sagging fat is "braked" by firm ligaments, the jowls develop. On the neck, the superficial neck muscle, the platysma, slackens and its "suspension" on the chin droops. All these are the classic changes of ageing. In addition, we usually don't feel as "old" as the face in the mirror looks like.

Sure, fillers (hyaluronic acid) can add some volume back to the face, but they don't put sagging volume back where it belongs, nor do they tighten skin. Also, fillers do not respect that a face has facial expressions. Moreover, for a significant result, you need more volume than you normally get per session. Fillers can certainly refresh and change some areas of the face, such as the lips or the base of the nasolabial fold at the base of the nose. However, they cannot slow down or reverse the ageing process of the face. Even a thread lift cannot do that. The effects of a thread lift rarely last long.

A good, natural facelift with the SMAS technique, as we use it, can. Of course, it costs more than a filler treatment and also requires cutting, but the effect is much more substantial. The subcutaneous tissue, the SMAS, is brought back up along the muscles and the excess skin on the face and neck is tightened. After the swelling has gone down, you can hardly see the scars (ok, the hairdresser always sees the scars ?) but otherwise you just look refreshed and naturally fresher.

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