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Prof. Dr. H. Fansa
Plastic, Reconstructive and
Aesthetic Surgeon (FMH)

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As a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, I have been working in plastic surgery for almost 30 years. My main focus is on facial procedures, such as facelift and eyelid surgery, and aesthetic surgery of breast and abdomen. Breast reconstruction after breast cancer is another focus.

You will find us at the Spital Zollikerberg (ZH), where I am the director of the Plastic surgery unit and BreastCenter.

We are looking forward to welcoming you.

Prof. Dr. med. Hisham Fansa


Our Focus

My specialties are aesthetic surgery of the face (eyelids as well as facelift and neck lift) and aesthetic surgery of breast and abdomen. I am also specialized in breast cancer surgery and breast reconstruction after cancer with autologous tissue or implants.




Improving the neck contour

Many patients have a loss of neck contour due to excess skin or some fatty tissue on their neck. Both can be removed and an attractive profile restored. The restoration of the chin-neck angle (cervicomental angle) can be performed alone, e.g. as part of the mental/neck fat removal, or together with a facelift as an extended facelift and neck lift.

Facelift - which incisions do we need?

Not all facelifts are the same. Depending on the extent of ageing in the face and the necessity of the lifting, different incisions are required. We lift the face using the SMAS/deep-plane technique. Here, the subcutaneous tissue of the face, the so-called SMAS, is detached from the muscle and brought back into shape. This has the advantage that there is no tension on the actual skin. The face looks natural and the scars are barely visible.

Understanding Facelift

If you browse through websites, glossy magazines or social media these days, you will quickly become dizzy with all the marketing buzzwords. All the new techniques being named and advertised........The "Deep Plane Technique" is currently being hyped for facelifts.


The plastic surgery department is located at the Spital Zollikerberg in the greater Zurich area. As a private acute hospital with a public service mandate, the Spital Zollikerberg contributes to the optimal medical care of patients in Zurich. Beautifully located and equipped with modern facilities, our plastic surgery department provides outpatient and inpatient care. In addition to other specialists, we have a 24-hour emergency ward and permanent availability at the hospital.

Plastic Surgery is a member of the BrustCentrum Zürich, Bethanien & Zollikerberg. Prof. Fansa is the director of the BrustCentrum at the Spital Zollikerberg.

Prof. Dr. med. Hisham Fansa, MBA
Facharzt für Plastische, Rekonstruktive
und Ästhetische Chirugie (FMH)
Chefarzt Plastische Chirurgie

Spital Zollikerberg
Trichtenhauserstrasse 20
CH-8125 Zollikerberg


Please note that we charge CHF 100 for a specialist aesthetic consultation. We accept cash payment as well as Maestro, MasterCard and VISA.
Medical consultations (e.g. advice on reconstruction after breast cancer) are billed through your health insurance. Please bring your insurance card with you to the consultation.


Please make a consultation appointment in advance. Appointments can be made by telephone, online or e-mail contact.

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