Prophylactic Mastectomy

In prophylactic or preventive mastectomy in cases of familial cancer and subsequent reconstruction, high demands are placed on aesthetics and durability. Prophylactic mastectomy should be considered if there is a higher familial risk of developing breast cancer. This genetic risk can be tested from blood samples.
The most important genes are BRCA1 and BRCA2. BRCA 3 and others like PALB2, ATM, p53 and CHEK2 are rarer. Whether a prophylactic mastectomy is indicated for you must be determined individually. Currently, medical literature indicates a reduction of 85-95% in the probability of developing breast cancer.

The removal of the breast (mastectomy) can be performed together with reconstruction. Here too, all reconstruction procedures are possible, both with implants and with the patient's own tissue. With certain reconstruction techniques, both breasts are reconstructed at the same time (e.g. DIEP flap or implants). With other techniques, both sides can be operated on at different times. The individual techniques of breast reconstruction are listed above under their names.
As an internationally recognised expert in breast reconstruction and based on my experience, I can offer you all breast reconstruction techniques. We discuss in a consultation which one is the most suitable for you.




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