Nipple areola reconstruction

The reconstruction of the nipple and areola completes the breast reconstruction. If the nipple had to be removed during the breast cancer operation, it can be reconstructed later. The new nipple and areola are the "icing on the cake" of breast reconstruction. The nipple and areola are not usually reconstructed in the first operation together with the reconstruction of the breast, because in the first 6 months after the operation there can still be significant changes in shape, and the final result can only be assessed after this time.
Adjustment surgery of the opposite breast should also be carried out first in order to be able to correctly determine the position of the new nipple. There are different possibilities for the reconstruction of nipple and areola.

Nipple Sharing

If the oppositel nipple is large enough, the lower half can be removed to form the new nipple. Surgery is usually performed under local anaesthesia. As this is the most natural form of reconstruction, this is our preferred procedure.

Areola Reconstruction

Skin from the groin can be used to reconstruct the areola, as the groin and nipple match in color. Only a line shaped scar remains on the groin. The skin graft is placed around the nipple, which is formed in the same session, and fixed with a bandage. After about one week the skin has healed. If there is excess skin, skin from the upper eyelids can also be used. This has the advantage that the droopy eyelids are eliminated. Alternatively, the areola can also be pigmented intradermally.

After Surgery

Immediately after the operation an appropriate bandage is applied to protect the nipple. This must be left in place continuously for at least one week. Further special treatments are usually not necessary.


The nipple may shrink in the further healing process. A further risk is the loss of skin and thus of the new nipple.




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